Anatomy of a CID | Resources


Ready to learn more? There are plenty of additional resources to explore, both in ProtoSchool and beyond. Here are some of our favorites:

How IPFS Deals With Files: Anatomy of a CIDvideo

Watch the talk that inspired this tutorial! In Part 2 of this core course from IPFS Camp 2019, Alan Shaw explains the anatomy of a CID.

CID Inspectortool

Paste a CID into this handy web app for a human-readable breakdown of its multibase, multicodec, multihash and version.


Learn more about cryptographic hashes in the official IPFS docs.


Explore Multiformats, a collection of protocols that future-proof systems, including CID, multihash, multibase and multicodec.


Learn more about the multihash protocol for differentiating outputs from various well-established hash functions, addressing size and encoding considerations.

Content Identifier (CID) Specificationdocs

Review the specification for CID, the self-describing content-addressed identifier for distributed systems like IPFS and IPLD.