Introduction to libp2p | Resources


Ready to learn more? There are plenty of additional resources to explore, both in ProtoSchool and beyond. Here are some of our favorites:

libp2p Websitedocs

Explore libp2p's native implementations, videos of conference talks, specifications, and documentation.

libp2p Documentationdocs

Dig deeper into libp2p's concepts and modules on its docs site, which includes a glossary and code examples across Go, JavaScript, and Rust implementations.

Introduction to libp2pvideo

Watch the talk from David Dias that heavily inspired this tutorial, in which he explains we need libp2p, how it works, and what its future objectives are.

js-libp2p Code Examplesdocs

Explore libp2p code examples in JavaScript, indluding a chat app, browser, encrypted communications, peer and content routing, and more.

Getting started with js-libp2pdocs

Walk through the process of setting up a fully functional js-libp2p node using JavaScript. 🚀

js-libp2p Configurationdocs

Learn how to configure js-libp2p for your particular project.

go-libp2p Code Examplesdocs

Explore libp2p code examples in the Go programming language, including a chat app, a basic getting started echo client and server example, and more.

Content Addressing on the Decentralized WebtutorialProtoSchool

Many of the applications that incorporate libp2p for process addressing also use content addressing to identify the data shared among peers on a decentralized network. Learn more about content addressing in our most popular ProtoSchool tutorial.