Merkle DAGs | Resources


Ready to learn more? There are plenty of additional resources to explore, both in ProtoSchool and beyond. Here are some of our favorites:

Understanding How IPFS Deals with Filesvideo

This course from IPFS Camp 2019 offers a deep exploration of how IPFS deals with files, including key concepts like immutability, content addressing, hashing, the anatomy of CIDs, what the heck a Merkle DAG is, and how chunk size affects file imports.

P2P Data Links with Content AddressingtutorialProtoSchool

Ready to get hands on with Merkle DAGs? In this JavaScript coding tutorial, you’ll use the IPFS DAG API to add data objects to IPFS and link between them.

Blogging on the Decentralized WebtutorialProtoSchool

In this hands-on JavaScript tutorial, use the IPFS DAG API to encode relationships between authors, posts, and tags as you create a blog.

Thinking in Data Structurestutorial

In this tutorial from IPLD, practice using data structures to describe data.

Content-Addressed Distributed Data Structuresvideo

In this talk from the SpeakeasyJS meetup, Rod Vagg covers the basics of content-addressing, Merkle DAGs, and IPLD.

How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web video

In this talk from !!Con 2017, Tara Vancil explains the unique properties that make Merkle trees the backbone of decentralized software like Git,BitTorrent, ZFS, and Ethereum.

InterPlanetary Linked Data (IPLD)docs

Explore the IPLD project, an ecosystem of formats and data structures for building fully decentralized applications.