Mutable File System | Resources


Ready to learn more? There are plenty of additional resources to explore, both in ProtoSchool and beyond. Here are some of our favorites:

JS-IPFS Files APIdocs

Notice that these docs contain two sections, one for top-level methods relevant to files and one for the Mutable File System (MFS) you learned about in this tutorial.

Understanding How IPFS Deals with Filesvideo

This course from IPFS Camp 2019 offers a deep exploration of how IPFS deals with files, including key concepts like immutability, content addressing, hashing, the anatomy of CIDs, what the heck a Merkle DAG is, and how chunk size affects file imports. It also introduces some the joys and pitfalls of the Mutable File System (MFS).

The Lifecycle of Data in the DWebvideo

Curious about what happens after you've added files to IPFS? This course from IPFS Camp 2019 explores how peers discover and share files on the network, from providing to getting to pinning to deleting.

IPFS: Regular Files APItutorialProtoSchool

Explore the other half of the IPFS Files API, where you'll add and retrieve files and read their contents without the abstraction layer of the Mutable File System.

Browser MFS Demodemo

Try out MFS methods in your broswer and watch your file directory change as you go.

Jeromy Coffee Talks: Files APIvideo

Wondering how the Mutable File System (MFS) can treat immutable data as though it's mutable? Jeromy Johnson of Protocol Labs explains the abstraction that makes it possible.

P2P Data Links with Content AddressingtutorialProtoSchool

You've seen the IPFS Files API. Now explore the IPFS DAG API, where you'll use CIDs to create verifiable links between datasets.